Advocacy & Legislation

CA State PTA Advocacy Goals

One of the most important roles of the PTA is to create and support laws that improve the lives of all children. As the largest volunteer child advocacy association in the nation, the PTA reminds our country of its obligations to children and provides parents and families with a powerful voice to speak on behalf of every child while providing the best tools for parents to help their children be successful students. We seek to:

  • Support adequate funding for public education by educating our members and policy makers, and by advocating for legislation to bring California within the top 10 states in perpupil funding
  • Promote schools as safe and welcoming environments for all students, families and communities and support children’s health and welfare in all aspects of their lives
  • Support and protect high-quality public education from efforts that would weaken this vital foundation of our democracy
  • Advocate for authentic and measurable family engagement standards in education policy.

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Advocacy & Legislation Updates

Climate Action

Energy Troopers

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