PTA Membership

PTA’s mission is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.

Joining the PTA

PTA is the largest volunteer organization dedicated to improving the welfare of all children and youth. Joining PTA supports endeavors to improve the education of children and the lives of families. Membership provides the opportunity for individuals to come together, combine efforts, and raise awareness on issues affecting children, youth and families.

PTA involvement helps build leadership, communication and advocacy skills. It provides members with opportunities to participate in an educational partnership with administrators and teachers. PTA members are a valuable community resource for starting and maintaining projects to benefit children and youth.

Download  The Basics of PTA Membership
from California State PTA.

San Diego Unified: Support Your School

SD Unified Council supports 81 PTA units which include:

High Schools

Middle Schools

Elementary Schools

SDUSD Members

Membership Made Easy

Congratulations to the PTA Units that have signed up to use TOTEM, California State PTA’s online membership system. TOTEM makes joining and renewing PTA membership easier for parents, families and community members.

If you are loooking for an easy way to increase your unit’s membership, watch the video below to see how TOTEM works and vist the CA State Website to sign up.

San Diego Unified PTA Schools

Any school listed in RED participates in TOTEM, the PTA’s online membership portal. Click the red link to visit your school’s TOTEM registration page.

TOTEM: Online Membership Registration System

San Diego Unified PTA Schools A-Z

*If your school isn’t on the list above, please visit its website or Facebook page to find out how to become a PTA member.