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PTA Job Descriptions & Manuals
Executive Board Checklist
PTA Forms A-Z
Filing Taxes

PTA Job Descriptions & Manuals

If you’ve recently been elected or are interested in becoming a board member at your school and need some guidance, click the job title below to download job descriptions, survival manuals, and job specific resources.

PTA President

President Job Description
President Survival Manual
Manual de Presidente
Blank Roster (Word Doc)
Running Your PTA…Made Easy
Dirigir su PTA… es fácil
End of Term Checklist


Secretary Job Description
Secretary Survival Manual
Manual de Supervivencia para Secretario
PTA Minutes – Your Legal Records


Treasurer Job Description
Treasurer Survival Manual
Manual de Supervivencia para Tesorero
Treasurers Tips
Notas para tesorero
Filing Requirements for Independent Contractors


Auditor Survival Handbook
Auditor Manual Spanish


Historian Survival Handbook
Manual de Historiador

Officers & Chairs

Officer Survival Handbook
Manual de Funcionarios


Membership Handbook
Building Membership


101 Program Ideas
Raffles and Opportunity Drawings: Laws & Regulations – What You NEED to Know


From State of CA Attorney General: Nonprofit Raffles & Opportunity Drawings 
Fundraising Letter to SDUSD Rentals

For Principals

PTA Principals Guidebook
National PTA Schools of Excellence

Executive Board Checklist

A checklist is always helpful in completing the tasks for the year. Track your progress and check each off as you complete them.



Forms A-Z

Annual Financial Report (Sample)
Audit Report – Fillable PDF
Audit Report – Non-Fillable PDF
Bylaws Cover Report Form – MS Word Doc
Cash Verification Form – Fillable pdf Form
Cash Verification Form – Non-Fillable pdf Form
Certificates of Insurance
Donation Receipt
Elections are Held Yearly / Las Elecciones son Anuales
Facilities Rentals Instructions
Fiduciary Agreement
Fundraising Letter to SDUSD Rentals
Honorary Service Award – Fillable pdf
Honorary Service Award – Non-Fillable pdf
Hold Harmless Agreement
Membership Template –MS Excel Spreadsheet
Photography Release Form
Payment Authorization Request for Reimbursement
Request for Advance
Ruth Johnson Award
Unit Financial Annual Report – Sample
Unit Annual Historian Report
Unit Remittance Form

Filing Taxes

Filing Dates

Every PTA Unit must file taxes without exception. The last day to file all tax returns is the 15th day of the fifth month after the fiscal year end. If the year’s income is known, you may file the day after your fiscal year ends.

Fiscal Year EndFiling Due Date
May 31October 15
June 30November 15
July 30December 15

* Extensions of time to file are available if properly requested using IRS Form 8868. Requests for extensions must be made before the due date of the tax return.