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PTA Job Descriptions & Manuals

If you’ve recently been elected or are interested in becoming a board member at your school and need some guidance, click the job title below to download job descriptions, survival manuals, and job specific resources.

PTA Officer Guide / Guía para funcionarios de PTAThis document has undergone several revisions over the years. Beginning in the summer of 2023, this guide will consolidate the information included in all previous officer handbooks and “survival guides.” While every effort is made to ensure that the information contained herein remains current, please be aware that some information may change in between revisions.  Please check our monthly e-newsletter, the San Diego Unified Council of PTAs website at www.sdcouncilpta.org, the California State PTA web site at www.capta.org, or San Diego Unified School District’s website at www.sandiegounified.org for the most up to date information, including officer and employee names, specific program due dates, and upcoming events. Date last revised: August 2023. 

PTA President

President Job Description
Blank Roster (Word doc)
Running Your PTA…Made Easy
Dirigir su PTA… es fácil


Secretary Job Description
PTA Minutes – Your Legal Records


Treasurer Job Description
Treasurers Tips (Word doc)
Notas para tesorero
Filing Requirements for Independent Contractors


101 Program Ideas (Word doc)


From State of CA Attorney General: Nonprofit Raffles & Opportunity Drawings 
Fundraising Letter to SDUSD Rentals (Word doc)

For Principals

National PTA Schools of Excellence

Important Dates and Deadlines

The following is a list of important dates and deadlines for your PTA unit. All items due to Council are due on or before the dates listed. All reports can be uploaded by the president or treasurer to myPTEZ. Either send a copy or upload to PTAEZ and notify SDUCPTA when complete. Make checks to Council payable to: San Diego Unified Council of PTAs.

Note: Most of the following dates are the same from year to year.  Underlined dates are specific to the 2023-24 school year.

  • August 10 1st Council Association meeting
  • Sept 15 Annual financial report for the previous PTA year (copy) due to Council
  • Sept 15 Year-end financial review for the previous PTA year (copy) due to Council
  • Sept 30 Unit adopted budget for the current PTA year (copy) due to Council
  • Oct 8 Remit minimum membership dues to Council to qualify for state award; the minimum membership for a PTA unit is 15 members
  • Nov 1 Remit minimum membership dues to Council to stay in good standing
  • Nov 1 Remit insurance premium directly to AIM. Budget approximately $300 (or 10% above the previous year’s premium, whichever is higher). You will be notified of the correct premium amount in late September or early October by either SDUCPTA or Ninth District.
  • Nov 1 Reflections – submissions due to SDUCPTA
  • Nov 1 Remit council assessment of $50
  • Nov 15 Deadline to file tax returns for fiscal year July 1 – June 30 (copy). Send to Council copies of Federal 990, State 199, RRF-1 & CT-TR-1
  • Nov-Dec Insurance premium payment due directly to AIM (budget $300+)
  • Dec 1 Reflections – submissions due to Ninth District
  • Dec 15 Deadline to file tax returns for fiscal year August 1 – July 31 (copy). Send to Council copies of Federal 990, State 199, RRF-1 & CT-TR-1
  • January 8 2nd Council Association meeting
  • Jan 31 Workers’ compensation annual payroll report due directly to AIM
  • January Elect nominating committee at your Association meeting
  • March 11 3rd Council Association meeting
  • March/April Executive Board elections at your Association meeting
  • May 1 Roster of unit officers for the following PTA year due to Council
  • May 1 Unit annual report of volunteer hours
  • May 3-5 CAPTA Convention
  • May 13 Founders Day Celebration / Association Meeting
  • Jun 10 Last day to remit membership dues for the current PTA year
  • PTA holds monthly Executive Board meetings
  • Treasurer remits membership dues monthly to Council
  • PTA holds regular Association meetings throughout the year as specified in the bylaws
  • Bylaws must be updated every 5 years

Forms and Job Aids A-Z

Annual Financial Report (Sample)
Bylaws Submittal Form
Cash Verification Form 
Certificate of Insurance (SDUCPTA)
Change of Status Form
Donation Receipt
Facilities Rentals Instructions
Fiduciary Agreement
Financial Review Report (formerly known as the Audit Report)
Fundraising Letter to SDUSD Rentals (Word doc)
Hold Harmless Agreement
Photography Release Form
Payment Authorization Request for Reimbursement
Request for Advance
Request for Approval of Fundraising Activity (SDUSD)
Unit Annual Historian Report
Unit Remittance Form
Updating Bylaws Job Aid

Filing Taxes

Filing Dates

Every PTA Unit must file taxes without exception. The last day to file all tax returns is the 15th day of the fifth month after the fiscal year end. If the year’s income is known, you may file the day after your fiscal year ends.

Fiscal Year EndFiling Due Date
May 31October 15
June 30November 15
July 30December 15

* Extensions of time to file are available if properly requested using IRS Form 8868. Requests for extensions must be made before the due date of the tax return.

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