Wellness Corner

San Diego Wellness & Competetive Foods Policies

The San Diego Unified School District is committed to providing an environment where students and staff are supported in making healthy choices for lifelong health. The SDUSD Wellness Council has implemented food sales rules to the PTAs in its district. PTAs may sell only California Smart Snacks compliant foods and beverages to students during the first half hour after school ends, with the exception of minimum days. Non-compliant foods may be sold from one-half hour after school through midnight; however, healthy options are still strongly encouraged.

For a list of approved foods for PTA food sales, please go to the SDUSD Competitive Foods page and select the List of Approved Snacks or the High School Smart Snacks List. To determine if an item is compliant that is not found on the list, please visit California Project Lean’s website and utilize their Competetive Foods Standards Compliance Calculator.